Jessica enjoying Blackberry & Coconut juice
Jessica enjoying Blackberry & Coconut juice

Home-made Juice recipes

Posted 22 Jul 2014

Here are a some juice combinations which can give you lots of energy and keep you sparkly even when winter is fierce. Simply pop all the ingredients into a food processor and you have a snack in seconds. (By the way, soaking nuts before you process them makes for a creamier juice!)

Winter warmer

2 cored pears
1/2 Banana
Teaspoon of honey
Handful of soaked walnuts
Small piece of fresh chilli
2 glasses of room temperature water

Lunch time special

2 cored apples
Handful of soaked sunflower seeds
4-5 mint leaves
4 seeded dates
1 glass of room temperature water

Summer memories

1 cored apple
1 banana
Handful of frozen berries
Handful of soaked sultanas
Tablespoon of coconut
Zest of half an orange

Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes with Lemon and Thyme Fruit Mince