Garage renovation partway complete!
Garage renovation partway complete!

Garage renovation finale

It has rained! Not a lot but just enough to make that gorgeous smell that tells you the earth is waking from its summer slumber and is ready for action. Consequently I have been planting some edible hedges, everything from Llilly Pilly’s to Salal. These have been sited with the idea of creating strategic microclimates to decrease the pressure on my zone one vegetable plantings. Applying the natural fertiliser teas (made earlier) will be ideal for easing these plants into their new abode.

I had my first school group visit yesterday, (having a bus parked in TPOW’s car park was very exciting) from Mill Park in Melbourne – many thanks to Nicole and Charlene from Camp Cooriemungle for recommending TPOW be included in their excursion agenda. The Grade sixes and I talked about sustainability, interconnectedness and all things TPOW while making Calcium and Renew Natural brews. I hope they enjoyed their visit as much as Katie (my dog) enjoyed their company!

My shed renovation is complete and I love it! Wayne Green and Adrian Fratantaro smashed and crashed and nailed and bolted using the milled cypress timber and other recycled bits and bobs and thus has emerged an awesome space! And so now onto the tasks of paving, sanding, painting, oiling…… ummm Daaaad?

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