Lots of fabulously shaped Hand-made Pasta!
Lots of fabulously shaped Hand-made Pasta!

Growth at TPOW!

There is no doubt the theme for September at TPOW is Growth! Weeds, Chook numbers, Frogs, Koalas, everything! It is a lovely time of year – full of possibilities!

I hope that you are encouraging Growth by fertilising and soil conditioning all that you have newly planted with worm tea or the special fertiliser brew that you made last month. Give mulching a rest and sow lots of seeds now, for late spring plantings (which are ideal around here as the soil then is typically warm and wet). Plant into north east facing slopes or microclimates first as these will be receiving the most sun and should be draining nicely. Jessica and I have been conducting a regular evening slug watch to protect our seedlings. It seems that our slugs are the most rampant at 7.30pm – is this the same elsewhere??? Our torch light escapades are reaping reward though for both the Growth of our lovely seedlings and…. by providing the chooks with a late evening snack.

We joyously picked our first broad beans today, (don’t forget that you can eat the young pods too!) and are still picking lots of lovely green broccoli which has many fabulous uses (especially in the making of green pasta) but particularly as a super easy but deliciously tasty soup (see recipe section).

Also try buzzing any of your green kitchen scraps with some water and pouring the scrap soup over your worm farm. The worms love it and it will give them somewhere nourishing to lay their spring babies!

Only 7 August days without rain! Getting out and about!