Minibeast salads made by Simpson Primary School students
Katie overseeing slug movement in the guild planting!

Merry Christmas

Speaking with the plants recently they feel that summer happened last Tuesday and that we are now in autumn and of course if the plants are figuring on it being autumn then the insects, birds and other animals do too!

With no consistency to our weather pattern I have taken to the resumption of mulching but am taking care to leave the mulch a distance from the base of my new trees to avoid providing a haven for collar rot problems. None the less several lavenders have gotten too warm and wet and left me with new spaces for planting. If this does occur be sure to rest the soil, and replant with an unrelated species.

I have adopted a guild planting style for some sections of my recently planted summer vegetable garden. This style of planting combines the creation of microclimates, companion planting, crop rotation and your vegetable preferences and so requires quite a chunk of planning. I am pleased with the results thus far although it is early days!

Thank you to the mini beast advocates from Simpson Primary School who visited recently. We all enjoyed searching and investigating the tiny things invertebrate! And thank you to the students who found an endangered Growling Green Grass froglet confirming our suspicions of their presence at TPOW and causing much excitement!

Merry Christmas to all, may it be one full of hugs, flavoursome cooking and contentment!

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