Why is it always about the @!!*! Chooks?
Why is it always about the @!!*! Chooks?

Natural Wonders

I’m not sure if it is the winter light or not but this month has been one of amazing observations including a mystery intermittent fluorescent substance along my drive way. Fluorescing blue, it offers quite remarkable light, is completely transferrable, invisible in the day and only fluoresces once – any suggestions as to what it is???? We have also found large amounts of froth at the base of each of my large cypress trees, star puff ball fungi and Australasian Grebes with atypical colour markings. Nature huh, who can predict it!

My winter vegetable garden is offering loads of silver beet, leeks, spring onions, a couple of parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli (I have bucket loads), fennel, celery, garlic sprouts and lots of herbs. It is a taste sensation and I have been cooking all sorts of flavoursome soups, dahl and (my favourite) silver beet fritters! But as the mornings get chillier, I think it is important to get off to a good start so have included a recipe for breakfast bites. These provide fabulous energy staying power and are versatile as they can be a snack, eaten cold with fruit compote or turned into porridge.

Cooking! OOooo that is when I’m not building (ha ha)! I am attempting the construction of a Chook house. The Chooks are really pleased, but I’m not sure that Katie shares their excitement (see the photo)! As far as building goes, I have discovered that I have a rough idea how to build but not quite the skills to carry what I imagine that I can. I only hope that the chooks don’t mind!

PS. Spread a thin layer of composted sawdust, if you have it, over your entire garden, this will provide a useful fungal habit for your important soil microbes as the spring weather arrives!

Amazing Persimmons! Only 7 August days without rain!