Hints for Late Summer Production

Posted 9 Feb 2013

Soil Teas – these teas are really easy to make and use and are specifically good for use in summer.

Manure based

Use this tea to rejuvenate soil, particularly where leafy brassica crops have been removed. Fill 1/3 of a container with green cow manure add water then mix to disperse the manure. Leave the container in a place where it gets morning sun and mix regularly. When it starts to form bubbles on the surface dilute by 1/3 and water mulched soil and/or the soil between vegetables, avoid plant contact.

Weed based

Use this tea around plants that typically wilt and burn from the heat of summer. Fill half a container with weeds, (milk thistles, docks and nettles are ideal). Fill the container with water and stir frequently. When a scum forms on the top of the container, water the soil around new and summer susceptible plants.

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