Late Spring production hints

Posted 20 Oct 2013

Worm farms are a fabulous resource especially during spring!

Firstly, worms break down most of your household kitchen waste. Recently I have been placing my scraps in to the food processor adding water and making it into ‘Scrap soup’ which I pour over my worm farm. They love this as it retains water and the small pieces are easily digestible. The main scraps to avoid are onion, citrus and meat based or originating waste.

Secondly, the bi-products of the worm activities give some useful garden resources. The worm tea which comes off the farm can be diluted (so it resembles a weak tea colour) and watered onto your seedlings and trees. Rhubarb in particular loves worm tea. You can also use a few drops in your vase water and it will balance the bug activity in the water and keep your cut flowers for longer.

Thirdly, use a small handful of the worm castings underneath any seedlings that you plant in late spring and summer as they act as a water reservoir for the seedlings. You will find that this decreases the amount of extra watering that your establishing seedling will need.

And fourthly place excess worm populations around your garden to help recycle the mulch that you have applied.

Garden worms – I love them!

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