Producing Philosophy

Posted 12 Sep 2012

I believe that it is our responsibility to actively provide for our needs.

Through producing locally (at home or in your community garden) we are lightening the resource depletion load on other regions while becoming tuned to natural systems. By producing some (or all) of what we consume we are proving that we are taking this responsibility seriously.

Have you ever thought about the movement of nutrients? We move them around all the time as food, building materials and even fire wood but take too much from one place and the natural systems become depleted to the point where they may no longer function. Responsible local food production allows us to see what is happening to these natural systems and encourages us recycle and replace nutrients to maintain living systems.

But, I hear you ask, how do I produce food responsibly? What are the tricks?

Microclimates, microclimates, microclimates – know them, use them, create them!

Have you ever stood or sat in the one place for a long time? No doubt you would begin to notice drafts, the movement of the sun and other subtleties that rushing around doesn’t draw your attention to. Welcome to the semi-static world of a plant! Consider the implications – wherever you are you must make the most of the soil, the sun, the rain and even the wind. Subtle though the changes often are plants experience the differences and their response is a dramatic change in their growth and development.

As plant producers it is our task to maximise and often create microclimates which suit the plants we wish to grow so stop; stand still, turn on all your senses, be a plant and maximise those microclimates to exercise some responsible food production!

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