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CONNECT by Kylie Treble
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Connecting with growing apples
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Apple Coleslaw with Honey Mayonaise

Connect – Practical ways to grow and prepare sustainable food

From the introduction in my book:

Have you ever considered your life goal? Writing mine helped me formalise the context of this book. I always knew I wanted to share connected food growing and cooking practices with others in the hope that they too would experience the satisfaction, well-being and earthly gratitude that can emerge from being connected. It wasn’t until I put my goal in writing that it became framed, tangible and grew legs.

Fulfilling my life goal influences the paths I travel and the people I meet but it is big, way bigger than me and what I can achieve. That is where this book comes in; it is a tool free to travel where I have not. Through this book I hope to inspire you to learn about and analyse each aspect of the food system in which you participate. Then, equipped with new knowledge from this and other tools, overlaid with your analysis, findings and life experiences, you can design your own food system and not just accept one that has been culturally handed to you. I want to encourage you to think, to observe, to reconsider, to connect and to reconstruct so that you feel good about the design of your unique connected food system.

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